We believe that the customer gets better results when the merchant focuses on specifics, which is why our smoke shop concentrates on tobacco products. There are many different kinds of tobacco delivery methods, each with its unique character.

As a tobacco shop, we carry a wide variety of cigarettes, including filtered and clove versions. We also consider ourselves a cigar shop, so those who prefer the pure aroma of tobacco can also find something to their liking. We also stock many smoking accessories such as vaporizers and glass pipes.

Our smoke shop also gives you options when it comes to things like bongs and glass pipes. These are popular ways in which a person can appreciate tobacco, and have made major inroads into youth culture.

Those who really want to go old school are in luck, since we’re also a hookah store. The water pipe is now very popular as a means of social tobacco consumption.

You can learn more about these and other products by visiting the Marvelous Smoke, our San Marcos, Tobacco and smoking accessories shop.


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